Until We Meet Again


Words and Music by Jerry Woods
Copyright 2014

The last time I met you we had different faces
I don’t expect you to remember who I am
Since the dawn of time our paths have crossed in so many places
We are so much more than pawns in someone else’s plan

I’ll do all that I can for you
After all that we’ve been through
When we come around again
Maybe you can help me too

I arrived too late to save you from the hanging trees in Salem
Only decades before we brought down the Ming Dynasty
We fought against each other as the fires raged at Copenhagen
I spared you from telling your tale after you shot Kennedy

It must have been a look you gave
Or a word you said to me
That triggered something
In my distant memory
Here we are face to face once more
With a helping hand to lend
There’s no place like the end
Until we meet again

Sometimes ordinary people
Other times kings and queens
One thing is always the same
This world is never quite what it seems
I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow
I only know where I am until then
There’s no place like the end
Until we meet again

It must have been a look you gave
To me
It must have been something that you said
To me


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