Into the Big Bad World


Copyright 2009 by Jerry Woods

The Monster’s on the run
I wish I could tell you
He’s on the run for good

Your heroes greet you with the morning sun
I wish I could tell you
Your heroes will be here to stay

But you’re coming into the big bad world
There’s so much I want to tell you
Just sleep

Surprise, Surprise
You’ve got your mother’s eyes
And I can see from here
You have all of my pride

Come on, Come on
You think that childhood lasts so long
But one day it will be gone
You’ll wish that you had taken more time

And you will have arrived
In the big bad world
But more about that later
Just dream

I wanna give you everything
All you want and all you need
All I have is this song
Don’t let them take pleasure in your pain
Or turn your sunshine to rain
That is not the world I want for you

Don’t look now
You’re in the big bad world
No I do not mean to scare you
Just sleep

Good night, Good night
Time to turn out the light
Don’t be afraid of the dark
I’ll be right down the hall

Just a trick of the eyes
It’s OK, don’t cry
I won’t be far away
But I must turn out the light

I hear it causes myopia
And you’re going to need your sight

Back Story

I wrote this for my daughter shortly before she was born. An expression of panic, joy, fear, mania and hope known simply as parenthood.

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