Words and Music by Jerry Woods
Copyright 2014

My day starts too early
Fall out of bed
Hit my head
It’s not even Four-Thirty

Pain stabs just like a knife
And I can’t stay awake to save my life

Grit my teeth and smile through another day of hell
There’s gotta be more

Man I need to get a shot of espresso
Whatever it takes to get the blood to flow

And now I’m feeling better
But I don’t know how long I can keep it together

Just get me through this work day
So I can get out of here and so far away

I hear the boss talking but he doesn’t say a word
And it’s about time

Time to get another shot of espresso
I can’t see straight and I’m sinking so low
Man if I don’t get another shot of espresso
Gonna be a long time before I get off the floor

In my mind
In my altered caffeinated state of mind
I race against time
Only to be the last – the last in line

Give me some more high octane
You may think I’m insane
But I’m just getting by

Man I need another shot of espresso
Whatever it takes to get the blood to flow…


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