Words and Music by Jerry Woods
Copyright 2014

I try to look forward
And I see nothing
What I once saw as the future
Has since passed
I can’t find my way to what’s next
And I can’t see to turn back

All I see is black
Every cruel word I said is coming back to haunt me
I only wish that I could see

Once there was an open door
Once there was time for more
For the first time in my life
I’m afraid that once is all we get
Now I’m in pieces on the floor

All I see is black
No second chances
That time is never coming back again
Is this what it’s like to be near the end?
Moving forward in a straight line
I can’t pretend

I can’t find a place to hide from my mind any longer
Each time I try to look inside
All I can see
Emptiness grows stronger

The only way out is by looking in
The only way out is to look in

But each time I do all I see is black
I can’t run from the truth
And I can’t turn my back
I can’t deny all that I wish I was inside
And all I lack
All I see is black


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